About me

Graduated in Electronic Engineering, I have been working for years in the design, execution and development of automated tests.

I have always had a passion for personal finance, and in recent years I have focused on the development of automated software applied to trading and investment.

Trading to me is the only lane where success depends only on own resilience, curiosity and problem solving skills. Nothing else matters.

This passion, in automation and hunting for inefficiencies in the financial markets, has led me to create this site as my notebook to store and consolidate my systematic trading and investment process, in continuous evolution.

Site’s contents are divided into:

  • automated trading systems for short term trading
  • custom indicators on Tradingview
  • backtesting report on financial and crypto markets
  • quantitative analysis of macroeconomic data
  • Algorithmic stock picking for my investment activities

I mainly use Python and Pinescript as programming languages for my backtests.

I am a Tradingview premium user allowing me to extract and manipulate all the data I want, for my backtesting activities, before leaping in the market.

Please find attached my resume.

Giancarlo Pagliaroli