The importance of correlations among assets in trading

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UPDATE! My free indicator of correlations available on Tradingview.

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Usage of correlations

My dashboard on Tradingview to monitor correlations among assets

Always I monitor correlations when I make trading on more assets, at the same time.

Correlation is a measure that defines how different assets move in relation to one another.

The more the correlation coefficient is, the more they are aligned closely.

I check this using my dashboard on Tradingview, at monthly, weekly, daily charts.

An example use case is below:

  1. I want to go short now S&P500. “Green light” from my Strategy A
  2. I want to go short now BTCUSD. “Green light” from my Strategy B

Monthly correlation between S&P500 and BTCUSD (using 1-D chart and correlation length = 20) is 95%. Too high!

Then, weekly correlation between S&P500 and BTC/USD (using 1-D chart and correlation length = 5 days) is 98%. Again, too high!

The correlation between these two assets is too high and will move in tandem, so preferring to go short on one asset, not both.

Furthermore, each strategy is not perfect and if I lose one trade I can lose twice.

I go short only one asset on which I am more confident with my strategy and odds.

Good diversification is when trading more assets having low correlation

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4 Replies to “The importance of correlations among assets in trading”

  1. Changes in the USD are not exogenous, I mean S&P500 up and USD down, or viceversa. For example, an increase in US productivity (compared to the productivity of firms in other countries) will both increase the S&P and valuate the USD.
    Need to separate different effects, which is virtually impossible – or look for random variation in the USD.
    So I prefer decorrelation during multi-asset trading.

  2. Just created a new indicator. You can find this indicator in Tradingview, Tab indicator & strategies, by typing gCorrelations

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