Natural Gas. Trading in the bubble

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Hello Traders!
have you shorted Natural Gas yesterday from the $10 level?

$10 is an important psycological level but I did not. Here my reasons.

1. Natural Gas is now a bubble, actual price is out of reality in terms of demand and supply.
2. Asset more speculative, higher risk and I had not any confortable resistance level above $10
3. I prefer to rely on my backtest and I have a strategy on the weekly released Natural Gas Storage in the US. The last released data was not clear to me and im waiting the next release
4. Never taking a falling knife, neither catching a speeding train. I need more confirmation
5. Last but not least. I’m not a large investor and I have not the money to buy the orders book, the Holy Grail of trading. I cannot rely only on a psychological $10 level because psychology is the most important enemy for traders.

I’m a shrimp. I’m trying to follow the shark not anticipating.

Giancarlo Pagliaroli

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